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10/2018 – 06/2021

Project SInK

Preschool Teachers‘ Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Interaction Quality

The project explores preschool teachers‘ professional competencies. Especially interrelations between self-efficacy beliefs, interaction quality and professional vision competencies are investigated.

The project looks at interaction-related preschool teachers‘ self-efficacy beliefs who are working with children at the age from three to six. These are defined as the amount of confidence preschool teachers have in their own competencies of interacting with children. The project investigates three different domains of self-efficacy beliefs:

  • Emotional Support,
  • Classroom Organization and
  • Instructional Support.

These domains are also found in a well-established classroom observation tool which has been developed by an American research group (CLASS Pre-K, Pianta, LaParo, Hamre 2008) and which is more and more applied in Germany as well (e.g. Suchodoletz et al. 2014).

Further research questions explore if preschool teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs are in fact relating to their interaction behavior and if preschool teachers’ professional vision of preschool situations moderates this relationship.