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  • Dr. Anna R. Müller


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07/2011 - 06/2013

Project CaS

Cool and Safe

„Cool and Safe“ is a web-based program for the prevention of child sexual abuse. At Goethe University Frankfurt, its efficacy and acceptance by elementary school children was assessed.

„Cool and Safe“, funded by the European Union, was realized by the four project partners Goethe University Frankfurt, SMOG e.V., mecom, and the International Police Association. The goal of the project was to develop a web-based training for the prevention of child sexual abuse, stranger danger, and Internet risks. The target group of the program are children in elementary school. At Goethe University Frankfurt, the training was evaluated. On the one hand this included to ensure positive effects on knowledge and behavior strategies, on the other hand it has to be proven that there are no negative side effects such as increasing anxiety or distrust. Furthermore, the acceptance by children and their teachers was studied. Based on the results of the evaluation, recommendations for an improvement of the training were made. Since autumn 2013 the program is published:

Selected Publications

Müller, A. R., Grumm, M., Hein, S., Fingerle, M., & Maisch, E. (2014). Breaking new ground in the prevention of child sexual abuse: Web-based trainings as a promising step. Psychology and Education Journal, 51, 14–25.

Müller, A. R., Röder, M., & Fingerle, M. (2013). Internetbasierte Programme zur Prävention von sexuellem Missbrauch. Kinder- und Jugendschutz in Wissenschaft und Praxis, 58, 126–130.

Müller, A. R., Röder, M., & Fingerle, M. (2013). Child sexual abuse prevention goes online: Introducing “Cool and Safe” and its effects. Computers & Education, 78, 60–65.