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Individual Development
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Individual Development

This domain investigates the foundations of learning and development including cognitive and social risk factors.

This domain investigates the foundations of learning and development including cognitive and social risk factors. Projects target, for example, children’s language acquisition, their mathematical competencies as well as social or cognitive impairments.

Listed below are the ongoing projects. A summary of all projects in this theme you can find here.

DaZ ab Sechs Project DaZ ab Sechs The role of language knowledge for the acquisition of German by child second language learners
EAGLeS Project EAGLeS English Acquisition in German Learning Disabled Students
ExFunKi Project ExFunKi Executive Function in Preschool
GamA Project GamA Gamified Assessment
GeoChild Project GeoChild Development of geometrical competences in early childhood
LEGA Project LEGA Elementary School Age Reading Strategies
memokid Project memokid Ontogenesis of memory consolidation
MoBiLe Project MoBiLe The Role of Language and Executive Functions for the Cognitive and Academic Performance in Mono- and Bilingual Children
MORAL Project MORAL Socio-Moral Development of Children and Adolescents
pi-phon Project pi-phon Pupillary indices of phonological memory: their relationship with language development
PIVOTAL Project PIVOTAL Predictive Memory Systems Across the Human Lifespan
PREDICT Project PREDICT Prediction Generation as a Tool to Activate Children’s Prior Knowledge and Improve Learning
PROMPT Project PROMPT Optimizing Self-Regulated Learning Processes With Digital Prompts
RABE 2 Project RABE 2 On the Risk Factors and Consequences of Learning Difficulties up to Early Adulthood
SAND Project SAND Dissociating the effects of age and schooling on neurocognitive development
SASCHA Project SASCHA Social and Academic School Transition Challenges
ScriVo Project ScriVo Vowel perception and writing skills of primary school children with German as a second language
Stereo-no-GO Project Stereo-no-GO Gender- and Origin-based Inequalities in Programs for Gifted Children
UPWIND Project UPWIND Understanding and Improving Daily Cognitive and Affective Within-Child Dynamics in the School Context
Vari Project Vari How monolingual preschool children deal with linguistic variation