Project iLearn

Individual Formative Assessment for Adaptive Support of Children with Reading Difficulties

This project evaluates the potential of computerized formative assessment to support reading acquisition of children with reading difficulties. Formative assessment enables teachers to adapt their teaching methods to the individual learning progress of their students.

iLearn evaluates the impact of formative assessment on reading development in children with reading difficulties. Formative assessment is a tool that enables teachers to track the learning progress of their students on a regular basis. Formative assessment has been repeatedly shown to increase individual support and reading progress in regular classrooms. The focus group of iLearn will be children with reading difficulties. In addition, cognitive abilities will be assessed and we will evaluate whether formative assessment leads to a more precise measurement of reading abilities in children with mulitilingual backgrounds.


Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education, University of Cologne
Prof. Dr. Elmar Souvignier
, University of Münster, Institute for Psychology in Education