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04/2020 - 03/2026

Project ESel

Effectiveness of Self-Regulation Training

We analyze the effectiveness of self-regulation training by means of meta-analysis and systematic review. The focus of the meta-analyses is on different training characteristics (e.g., use of learning diaries) and on diverse tar-get groups (e.g., learners with ADHD).

The project aims at identifying characteristics of effective self-regulation training for diverse target groups. The meta-analyses focus on learners with deficits in self-regulation. We investigate instructional designs that make self-regulation training particularly effective in order to derive implications for the promotion of self-regulation and to identify research gaps.

We are currently conducting meta-analyses about the following topics:

(1) effectiveness of self-regulation training for learners with ADHS,

(2) effectiveness of instructional designs for self-regulation training,

(3) effectiveness of learning diaries to foster self-regulation,

(4) effectiveness of self-regulation training for learners with learning disorder.