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01/2016 – 12/2019

Project Children’s Worlds

Children’s and Youth’s Perceptions of Needs, Resources, Access, and Participation

An international study of material, social, and cultural conditions of a good life and opportunities of education and participation from children’s and youth’s point of view.

Children’s Worlds is an international representative survey of the subjective well-being of children and youths. Overall, 100.000 children and youths from 37 countries participate. The school-based survey of 4000 children and youth from 8 to 14 years in Germany is funded and supported by the Bertelsmann Stiftung. The thematic focus of fair education and participation opportunities opens the access to views of children and youths about deprivation experiences and available resources. Furthermore, the approach allows gaining insights of relevant goods, needs, resources, and access, which shows on a representative level what children and youths themselves find important for having a “typical” childhood or youth.

Bertelsmann Stiftung supports the German survey within the framework of their project “Family and Education – Politics from a child’s perspective”. Jacobs Foundation provides the infrastructure of the international network and communication, as well as the administration of the dataset.

Selected Publications

Rees, G., Andresen, S., & Bradshaw, J. (eds.) (2016) Children’s views on their lives and well-being in 16 countries: A report on the Children’s Worlds survey of children aged eight years old, 2013-15. York, UK: Children’s Worlds Project (ISCWeB):

Rees, G. & Main, G. (eds.) (2015): Children’s views on their lives and well-being in 15 countries: An initial report on the Children’s Worlds survey, 2013-14. York, UK: Children’s Worlds Project (ISCWeB):