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Adaptive Education
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Adaptive Education

This domain focuses on learning arrangements in kindergarten, school, and informal educational settings.

This domain focuses on learning arrangements in kindergarten, school, and informal educational settings. Our aim is to find effective methods and interventions that provide support for each individual child.

Listed below are the ongoing projects. A summary of all projects in this theme you can find here.

Ada*Q Project Ada*Q Adaptive Teaching and Teaching Quality in Differentiated Classrooms
BiBiWi Project BiBiWi Educational chances and learning conditions at primary schools in Wiesbaden
Children’s Worlds Project Children’s Worlds Children’s and Youth’s Perceptions of Needs, Resources, Access, and Participation
EDUCAREplus Project EDUCAREplus Milieu-Specific Self-Views and Practices of Children, Parents, and Educators in Education and Care Settings of Early and Middle Childhood
ERSTE SCHRITTE Project ERSTE SCHRITTE FIRST STEPS (Erste Schritte) – An Integration Project for Infants with an Immigrant Background
Hector Project Hector Formative Evaluation of Hector Children’s Academies
iLearn Project iLearn Individual Formative Assessment for Adaptive Support of Children with Reading Difficulties
LeA-Training Project LeA-Training Learning Acceleration Training
LONDI (former OnDiFoe) Project LONDI (former OnDiFoe) The Development of an Online Platform for Diagnosis and Remediation of Children with Learning Disabilities
MatheMat Project MatheMat Mathematical Learning with Materials
meRLe Project meRLe Promoting German reading skills via multilingual-sensitive reciprocal teaching in primary education
SchuWaMi Project SchuWaMi School Change in a Society shaped by migration - School Culture(s) in the current context of forced migration