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Special Interest Groups

The members of the IDeA Center regularly meet in small groups that are organized according to specific topics. Membership in these groups, the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), is in principle reserved for IDeA members - nevertheless, here we would like to provide an overview of the topics currently being worked on in the SIGs.

The role of migration background in development and education processes

Discussion of central concepts, theoretical and empirical approaches to the construct of migration background – from different research fields and perspectives.

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Creation of and dealing with difference / heterogeneity in the school context

Individual support and the danger of fixations/labeling in heterogeneous learning groups

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School participation in the context of learning disorders and learning difficulties

Learning disorders and learning difficulties as effect on school performance and cause of special conditions

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Self-regulation / self-regulated learning

Discussion and conceptualization of different perspectives on the construct of self-regulation

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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Research

Aspects of language processing, language acquisition and language development

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