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**Call for Papers** 5th International NEPS Conference

07-08 December 2020, LIfBi Bamberg, deadline for submission: 15 September 2020

5th International NEPS Conference

The International NEPS Conference takes place for the fifth time at the LIfBi – Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories in Bamberg. The event brings together scientists from different disciplinesand  from  different  stages  of  their  academic  careers  to  discuss  current  projects  and  findings  ineducational research. The framework is set up by the data infrastructure of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) with its six panel cohorts and its thematic focuses on competence development across the life course, educational processes in different learning environments, educational choices and  social  inequality,  acquisition  of  education  against  the  background  of  migration,  returns  to education, and motivational as well as personality aspects

Empirical contributions on all NEPS-related topics, including methodological issues, are welcome forpaper or poster presentations. The analyses to be presented do not necessarily have to be based onthe NEPS data.

Besides the paper and poster presentations, a keynote lecture by Michelle Jackson (Stanford  University,  U.S.)  on  the  benefits  of  the  fundamental  causes  approach  for  research  on educational  inequality  is  on  the  agenda.  Further  highlights  are  the  award  ceremony  for  the  best NEPS publication and the best poster, a small reception, and the round table with the Research Data Center team.

Conference language is English.

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